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In addition to our traditional surveys, we have launched a 16 part survey based on Benchmarking Best Practices in Maintenance Management by Terry Wireman (courtesy of Industrial Press).

To date over 800 companies have participated.

Web Based Presentation of Survey Results
*Requires Media Player 

Click a link below to add your own data.

Maintenance Management Benchmarking Survey Sections

Survey participants get benchmark results!  100% confidential
Section 1: Maintenance Organizations
Section 2: Training Programs in Maintenance
Section 3: Maintenance Work Orders
Section 4: Maintenance Planning & Scheduling
Section 5: Preventive Maintenance
Section 6: Maintenance Inventory & Purchasing
Section 7: Maintenance Automation
Section 8: Operations/Facilities Involvement
Section 9: Maintenance Reporting
Section 10: Predictive Maintenance
Section 11: Reliability Engineering
Section 12: Maintenance  - General Practices
Section 13: Financial Optimization
Section 14: Asset Care Continuous Improvement
Section 15: Maintenance Contracting
Section 16: Document Management

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